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Why we do what we do

We are very clear about our why. Quite simply, we want to ease the heartache of loved ones dealing with death.

We believe:

  • Everyone can benefit from understanding the law of the land does not discriminate.

  • It's important to put wishes in writing sooner rather than later.

  • That wills, trusts & lasting powers of attorney can be simplified with plain speaking & empowering conversations.

  • That you can concentrate on living your life to the max once this essential task is ticked off your list.

We can:

  • Remove the mystery of legal jargon & make this essential service accessible to anyone.

  • Help you avoid unwittingly creating loop holes that a solicitor could pull apart if someone contested your will.

  • Break down misconceptions that 'estate planning' is unaffordable.

  • Tell you exactly what is required in law to protect your voice after death & put it all in place for you.

The law of the land does not discriminate – whoever you identify as, without a legally binding will, your voice cannot be heard.

If you have any questions please do get in touch: [email protected] or fill in the form below.

The opportunity to start your own business, grow your customer base & help them see what you see.

It is so difficult to get out of the system and hold down an old fashioned 9-5 job when you have family & life commitments.

You need the flexibility of working hours that balance looking after your loved ones & carving a career path for yourself.


Remember that no one succeeds alone.

Never walk alone in your future paths.

Sonia Sotomayor

Why you might want to join us

We are offering you a fantastic opportunity to work on your own terms and around your personal commitments whilst also earning good money supporting people you have a natural affinity with. If you feel this could be a good fit and feel the same way we do about easing the heartache of loved ones dealing with death, you just might...

  • love to work for yourself and shape your own career.

  • have been looking for a business you can build around your life.

  • like to get personal training & coaching to carve a career.

  • want hand-held guidance in the business start-up process.

  • get support with business development and marketing.

  • be driven and self motivated to drive your own future.

  • not have considered this line of work before, but are intrigued.

  • love helping people & are passionate about making a difference.

  • have capacity in your life to work flexibly around your loved ones.

  • want a chance to be financially independent.

  • be reassured all legal aspects are handled by top tier professionals.

  • like to know that you don't need any previous experience.

Working for us enables you to help people you connect with, form your own style of working

& benefit from formal training, coaching & guidance, with the legal support required. We see you.

You could say it's a business in a box!

(Not a coffin though – Just a big shiny happy box! :)

We want to empower you to help yourself in life.

If you are interested in having a conversation about grabbing this opportunity simply fill in the form below.

If you see us, hear us and feel the same way then why not join us -

get in touch below and we will call you back for an informal 'get to know you' chat:

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